Top 10 Most Misunderstood NSW Road Rules

Road Rules Awareness Week

Videos help clarify road 

Our playlist of 10 animations explains some of the most misunderstood road rules. You can also watch the videos separately, starting with Roundabouts.

Brush up on rules

Since 2013, Road Rules Awareness Week has given all road users the chance to improve their knowledge of the NSW road rules.

Transport for NSW is committed to improving safety on the state’s roads and bringing the road toll Towards Zero.

Each year we focus on the most misunderstood road rules and provide an opportunity for road users to have their questions answered. Our online video animations were developed for Road Rules Awareness Week to help all road users with the road rules.

Misunderstood rules

The Top 10 misunderstood road rules in NSW guide outlines the road rules most commonly misunderstood by road users.

top-10-misunderstood-road-rules     PDF  

The Top 10 guide provides simple answers to many road rule questions, including using roundabouts, when you can and can’t use high-beam and fog lights, and when it is permitted to make a U-turn. The guide is also available at Service NSW and RMS registries.

Road users can also visit the Roads and Maritime Services website to view the NSW Road Users’ Handbook.

Road Rules Awareness Week provides an annual opportunity for drivers to refresh their knowledge of road rules. It also allows pedestriansmotorcyclists, passengers and bicycle riders to better understand the rules and improve their safety on or near the road.

1. Roundabouts

Read a transcript.

2. Pedestrians

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3. Mobile phones

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4. Merging

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5. Keeping left

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6. Headlights

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7. U-turns

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8. Safe following distances

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9. School zones

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10. Yellow traffic lights

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