A Review

Its Francesca from Kellyville. I’d just like to thank you again for everything you have done for me to assist in getting my P’s.
Before I met Cameron, I had already gone through several driving instructors.
These PREVIOUS driving instructors where over priced, confusing, stressful and knew nothing about the test courses.
Then I met Cameron.
Cameron is calming, smart and knows how to teach in a way that works for everyone.
He taught all the routes used for the test, one of which you will be tested on to pass for your P’s.
Along with that, he also taught me all the little things you NEED to know, that you cant pass without.
Cameron even has a great driving package for the day of your test that people like myself, (whom don’t have a car) couldn’t live without.

After my first lesson, I was confident to go for the test, and I PASSED ON MY FIRST GO, with a score of 103/106.

I’d just like to thank you Cameron so much for all the support and everything you taught me, as well as sticking by my side until I was handed my P plates.
I wish there where more people like you, so everyone could all pass on our first go!
Thank you again,
Francesca from Kellyville.