NSW U-Turns

Take extra care when making U-turns as they can be dangerous. U-turns
cannot be made:
• Where there is a NO U-TURN sign
• On motorways
• At traffic lights unless you see a U-TURN PERMITTED sign at the
• Across an unbroken (continuous) lines, double centre unbroken
(continuous) lines, unless the line closest to you is broken.
You must start your U-turn from the marked lane nearest to the centre of
the road or, if there are no lane markings, the left of the centre of the road.
Before starting the U-turn you must make sure it is safe: check mirrors
and blind spots and that you have a clear view of any approaching
You must not begin your U-turn unless you can make the turn without
unreasonably obstructing traffic. Give way to all vehicles and pedestrians
and signal before you start to turn.