NSW Temporary Overseas Visitors

Temporary overseas visitors (TOV)

  • From 16 March 2015, for visiting temporary overseas drivers wishing to apply for a NSW licence, we are removing the minimum six month waiting period before a licence application can be made and removing the restriction which allows for the issue of a 12-month licence only.
  • Yes, driver licences issued to temporary overseas visitors will continue to show a letter ‘Q’ in the conditions section of the front of a licence card, and the words ‘Evidence of permanent resident status not provided’ will be shown on the back of the card.
  • You can apply for a driver licence of alonger validity period when your current driver licence is due for renewal.
  • Once all the requirements for a learner licence are met, you will be issued a learner licence for the duration of 5 years and the licence will show the ‘Q‘ condition on the front of the licence. A 1 year duration applies for a rider learner licence.
  • Temporary overseas visitors (ie holders of a licence with the ’Q’ condition) are eligible for the discount, provided all other requirements are met.

    Unrestricted licence holders who have no relevant offences recorded in the previous five years leading up to the date they renew their licence will receive the 50 per cent safe driver discount when renewing their licence.  If you are eligible for the discount, you will be advised at the time of renewal.

  • No, you will get a P1 licence issued for a period of 18 months.  You may instead graduate to a P2 licence if you are ready and meet the eligibility requirements.

  • No, you will get a P2 licence issued for a period of 30 months. You may graduate to an unrestricted licence when you have met the necessary two year tenure requirements and you are ready.