Driving Test Preparation Video

 Over 15 years experience.

This  video is based on the RMS booklet “The Guide To The Driving Test”  Well worth a read before your driving test.
I try and cover the most important stuff for your driving lessons and driving test

RTA Driving Test.

NSW Driving Test.      We are often asked for the best RTA for the driving test.

My first choice is a Blacktown Driving Test. Assuming that you have done or will do a few Blacktown driving lessons with us or another driving school, there are only three things to be very careful about.
After leaving the RTA you may go through a multi-lane roundabout with traffic lights.  Take your time and make sure you blink left leaving and do a blind spot check if you are on the right lane.
Next is turning right at the traffic lights without a turning arrow.  Make sure you understand the correct procedure.
Lastly you may turn right at a T intersection,   near Red Rooster,  Leighton and Richmond Roads,     make sure you stay in your correct lane for this turn and do not move into the RIGHT turning lane.  Practice before your test.
Blacktown traffic is OK,  RTA people are nice and friendly.

Next best RTA for driving test is Penrith. If you are not a local do a few Penrith Driving Lessons before your test.  Parking at the RTA can be difficult as they have very limited parking for learners.  There is parking under the RTA for the brave.

Hard thing,    turning right at the traffic lights without an arrow.  Do some serious practice at Burger King intersection or Jamison lights.  Both very busy intersections and it is very easy to get involved in a crash. Be very careful.
Penrith traffic is good, the RTA people are friendly.

Next is a Richmond Driving Test.  If you are not local you really need to do a few Richmond Driving Lessons.  There are only two small roundabouts in Richmond and the main hard things are,   turning right at the lights without an arrow, –  practice around the Maccas area. Gap selection is the other thing,  at T intersections and various stop sign intersections.   Just wait for a good gap.   It may take 2 or 3 minutes when busy.
Traffic can be busy as Ricmond is on a major through road, RTA staff are good,  even friendly.  Park on the street by Dan Murphy.

Park on street in the learner area or in the car park.  Traffic is OK,  RTA staff OK, some are friendly.

Next is a Castle Hill Driving Test.  Definitely do heaps of Castle Hill Driving Lessons before your test. Unless you are local.  The Castle Hill test is really about roundabouts therefore gap selection.  Lots of multi-lane roundabouts and  lots of small single lane roundabouts.   Obviously there are lots of hills so be careful with speed, be careful with gap selection at all roundabouts and also be careful when turning right at the lights.   May or may not have an arrow.   Traffic is often crap but RTA staff are very friendly.

1. Blacktown Driving Test

2. Penrith Driving Test

3. Richmond Driving Test

4. Castle Hill Driving Test.

Any questions about your RTA driving test or to book a driving lesson, please call Cameron  0438 364 244

One hour driving lesson & driving test,
Blacktown Driving Test Package $150
Castle Hill Driving Test Package $150
Richmond Driving Test Package $150
Penrith Driving Test Package $150



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    Special offers:

    One hour driving lesson & driving test,
    Blacktown Driving Test Package $150
    Castle Hill Driving Test Package $150
    Richmond Driving Test Package $150
    Penrith Driving Test Package $150